About the Irish Red Setter Club

The Irish Red Setter Club was established in 1882 to promote the breed and drafted the breed standard which was issued the 1886. The Club has organised field trials and shows to set the Standard for the Breed since that time.

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That standard was the description of working dog, the physical specification of an athletic, enduring working dog. In Ireland Irish setters were developed to hunt game-birds on the mountains, bogs, farmland and forests of the country and up to World War II were almost exclusively the only breed used for that purpose.  In 1998 the club published the Working Style for the Breed. The Standard and Working Style together describes the physical form and working ability of the Breed. The Irish Red Setter is a hardy, healthy, intelligent dog, possessed of excellent working ability and great stamina.

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European Championships for Red Setters on Snipe

‘a celebration in Ireland of Irish Setters for all enthusiasts’

2019 European Snipe Championship Results

 Open Confined Couples

Trial One:   Judges:   Aidan Dunne   J.P. Gotti

 1st             Jade de la Previere          J.F. Meret             Excellent CACT CACIT

2nd           Sheantullagh Uno              Ray O Dwyer        Excellent RCACT

3rd            Sheantullagh Mungo       Ray O Dwyer        Excellent

4th            Mountbay da Vincy          Joe Tannion         Very Good

5th            Lady des Demons               Gerard Courtois Very Good

                  de Gergovie  

 Trial Two:   Judges:   Michael Houston   Rene Bloch

 1st             Sheantullagh Cormac      Bill Connolly       Excellent CACT RCACIT

2nd           Brackbawn Fiach                Patsy McCarthy                   Excellent RCACT

3rd            Sheantullagh Hayley        Bill Connolly       Excellent

4th            Diablo du Val de Loue    Bruno Fasoli        Very Good

5th            Oileaniorir Tinnie              Brian McDiarmada   Certificate of Merit


European Snipe Championship.

 Trial One   Day 1    Judges: Jim Sheridan   Rene Bloch  

1st             Jade de la Previere           J F Meret               Excellent   CACT CACIT

2nd           Sheantullagh Bronagh    Kevin Quinn        Excellent RCACT

3rd            Sheantullagh Haley          Bill Connolly       Excellent

4th            Jessie de l’Anse                                    J F Meret               Excellent

                  De Ty Roux

5th            Bownard Spey                      Sean Hogan          Very Good


Trial Two Day 1 Judges:   Patsy McCarthy J.P.Gotti

 1st        Sheantullagh Bolt       Ray O Dwyer  Excellent CACT CACIT

2nd       Jean Peuplu du Clos    Bruno Fasoli    Excellent RCAC

            Des Vickings

3rd        Ballinahemmy Mike   Pat Reape       Excellent

4th        Diablo du Val de Loue Bruno Fasoli   Excellent

5th        J’Irland des Sorcieres  Bruno Fasoli    Excellent

            Du Sancy

6th        Sheantullagh Uno       Ray O Dwyer  Excellent

7th        Bownard Delegator    Colin Forde      Very Good

8th        Mascotte de l’Anse     Yohan Bouder Very Good

            De Ty Roux

9th        Sheantullagh Red Berry   Ray O Dwyer   Very Good


Trial One Day 2           Judges:   Patsy McCarthy J.P.Gotti

1st             Jessie de l’Anse          J F Meret         Excellent CACT RCACIT

            De Ty Roux

2nd       Jaguar de la Previere J.F. Meret      Excellent RCAC

3rd        Blackstairs Behenny   Aidan Dunne   Very Good


Trial Two Day 2 Judges :   Jim Sheridan   Rene Bloch  

1st        Ballinahemmy Rose   Padraig Kiely     Excellent CACT

2nd       Ballinahemmy Mike   Pat Reape           Excellent RCACT

3rd        Sheantullagh Red Berry Ray O Dwyer Excellent

4th        J’Irland des Sorcieres  Bruno Fasoli    Excellent

            Du Sancy

5th        Lady des Demons       Gerard Courtois Excellent

            de Gergovie  

6th        Diablo du Val de Loue Bruno Fasoli    Excellent

EUROPEAN CHAMPION  2019            Phillipe Guittard’s IRSB  Jessie de l’Anse de Ty Roux  handled    by     J F Meret        

EUROPEAN VICE CHAMPION 2019  Pat Reape’s IRSD Ballinahemmy Mike   

Solo Trials

Solo Day One     Judges:     Kristin Jameson &   John Mullins          

1st        Sheantullagh Brian Ray O Dwyer              Excellent CACT

2nd       Sheantullagh Red Berry Ray O Dwyer      Excellent RCACT       

3rd        Sheantullagh Hayley           Bill Connolly             Excellent

4th        Lisdovogue Pip         Pat Reape                  Excellent

Solo Day Two    Judges:      Kristin Jameson &   John Mullins  

 1st             Sugarloaf Grian                    Sean Hogan          Excellent CACT

2nd           Coldcoats My Newt          Steve Robinson                   Excellent RCACT

3rd            Maodhog Breacon            Ray O Dwyer        Excellent

4th            Bownard Darcy                    Colin Forde          Excellent

5th            Crankmooar Ola                  Ken Watterson  Excellent

6th            Cronk Mooar Finn             Padraig Kiely       Good


Solo Day Three              Judges:     Kristin Jameson &   John Mullins  

 1st             Sheantullagh Squirt         Ray O Dwyer        Excellent   CACT









 Red Setter Championship (1 of 1)

A memorable photo on the first morning

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Brace 1 :
1st Excellent CAC/RCACIT — M. Bruno Fasoli’s      Diablo de Val de Loue
2nd Excellent RCAC – Ms. Joan McGillycuddy’s       Ballydavid Galeforce of the Kingdom
3rd Excellent – Mr. Joe O’Sullivan’s    Gardenfield Rena

Brace 2 :
1st Excellent CAC/CACIT – Mr. Ray O’Dwyer’s      Sheantullagh Boss
2nd Excellent RCAC – Mr. Ray O’Dwyer’s    Sheantullagh Gorse
3rd Excellent – Mme. Myriam Byn’s    Isles of Jura du Pied du Mont

Solo 1 :
1st Excellent CAC – Mr. Ken Watterson’s    Erinvale Nippy Glow
2nd Excellent RCAC – Ms. Maeve Waters’s   Blackstairs Tess
3rd Excellent – Mr. Pat Reape’s  Lisdovogue Lilly

Solo 2 :
1st Excellent CAC – Mr. Bruno Fasoli’s     J’Ireland des Sorcieres Dusancy
2nd Excellent RCAC – Mr. Paraig Kiely’s    Ballinahemmy Rose
3rd Excellent – Mr. Ray O’Dwyer’s     Sheantullagh Bolt



Brace 1 :
1st Excellent – Mr. Pat Reape’s    Ballinahemmy Mike

2nd Excellent – Mme. Sophie Iuchs’s     Gala de Val des Mordorées

Brace 2 :
1st Excellent CAC/CACIT – Mr. Ray O’Dwyer’s    Sheantullagh Boss
2nd Excellent RCAC/RCACIT – Mr. Aidan Dunne’s   Blackstairs Behenny
3rd Excellent – Mr. Aidan Dunne’s    Maodhog Ciotog

Solo 1 :
1st Excellent CAC – Mr. Ray O’Dwyer’s     Sheantullagh Uno
2nd Excellent RCAC – Mr. Tom Dunne’s   Brackbawn Fiach
3rd Excellent – Fr. Seamus O’Neill’s    Gleannseain Hen Harrier



Brace 1 :
1st Excellent – Mme. Sophie Iuchs’s     Gala de Val des Mordorées
2nd Excellent – M. Bruno Fasoli’s    Diablo de Val de Loue
3rd Excellent – Mr. Pat Reape’s    Ballinahemmy Mike

Brace 2 :
1st Excellent CAC/CACIT – Mr. Ray O’Dwyer’s    Sheantullagh Boss
2nd Excellent RCAC/RCACIT– Mme. Myriam Byn’s  Isles of Jura du Pied du Mont
3rd Excellent – Mr. Aidan Dunne’s   Blackstairs Behenny

Solo 1 :
1st V. Good – Fr. Seamus O’Neill’s   Malstabodarna Balder
2nd V. Good – Ms. Donna Clark’s    Bownard Lingo


Champion:               SHEANTULLAGH BOSS        (Mr. Ray O’Dwyer)

Vice Champion:      BLACKSTAIRS BEHENNY     (Mr. Aidan Dunne)

3rd place:                 GALA DE VAL DES MORDORÉES    (Mme. Sophie Uichs)

4th place:                 BALLINAHEMMY MIKE        (Mr. Pat Reape)

5th place:                ISLES OF JURA DU PIED DU MONT   ( M. Oliver Reau)