Rules & Regulations

1. The Club shall be called the Irish Red Setter Club.

2. Its objectives shall be:

a) To promote the breeding of Irish Red Setters.
b) To define and publish a description of the true type and the working style.
c) To urge the adoption and promotion of the correct style, breeders, judges, etc. as the standard of excellence by which Irish Red Setters shall be judged.
d) To establish and hold Field Trials.
e) To encourage popular support for the breed.
f) To adopt any other means as deemed desirable for the encouragement of the breed.
g) To publish a Yearbook.

3. The Club shall elect annually, at its Annual General Meeting, a President, Vice-presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and a committee of nine members to execute the functions of the club. The election of Representatives to the Irish Kennel Club is also to take place at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies occurring in any of these positions. Five to form a quorum at Committee meetings. The Committee is responsible for the formation of the following sub-committees:

a) Breeding Sub-Committee, to form and execute initiatives for the Promotion and improvement of the breed and to deal with enquiries to the Club for Setters.
b) Show Sub-Committee, to organise and run a Championship Show.
c) Sponsorship Sub-Committee, to seek sponsorship for Club events and activities.
d) Social Sub-Committee, to organise the Club’s social events.

4. The Club may have an unlimited number of members.

5. The membership subscription is presently €15 per annum for Irish and UK members, and €20 for overseas members. Life Membership is €300. The subscription is to be paid on the first of January each year or within one week after election. The Committee has the authority to propose increases in the subscription, but they must be accepted at an AGM prior to introduction. No one is entitled to the privileges of membership whose subscription is in arrears. The liability of a member shall not exceed the amount of his/her subscription.

6. Candidates for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two members and elected by the Committee. On the admission of each new member, the Hon. Secretary shall send a notification to him/her to that effect and furnish him/her with a copy of the Rules of the Club.

7. The management and the property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee, unless delegated by it to one of the Sub-committees. The Committee shall also have power to make bye-laws and decide on all matters of dispute or not provided for in the Rules.

8. As the payment of the annual subscription will entitle a member to enjoy every benefit the Club can impart, so is his/her acquiescence in the Rules furnished to him/her distinctly implied.

9. The Annual General Meeting may be called at any time decided by the Committee in the month of May.

10. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time, at a two weeks’ notice by the Committee or by the Hon. Secretary on his/her receiving a requisition duly signed by at least twelve members. Fifteen members to form a quorum at any General Meeting.

11. Any member who may be injurious to the Club, or whose actions are considered objectionable, is liable to be expelled at a General Meeting, providing the majority in favour of the expulsion is two thirds of those voting.

12. Any member who wishes to resign must give notice of his/her intention to the Hon. Secretary on or before the first of January each year. Otherwise, he/she shall be liable for his/her subscription for the year ensuing. Any member who shall cease to be belong to the Club, either by resignation or otherwise, shall have no claim upon, or be entitled to, or participate in any of the effects or property belonging to the Club, nor to have any part of his/her annual subscription for the current year refunded.

13. The Hon. Treasurer shall open an account in a bank in the name of the Irish Red Setter Club and all Club money shall be lodged in this account. All payments are to be made by cheque, signed by the Hon. Treasurer, after the Committee has sanctioned such payments. The Hon. Treasurer shall make available to each meeting an accurate account of the Club’s finances.

14. The committee shall annually elect persons competent and willing, to act as judges of Irish Red Setters at the Club’s Field Trials and Dog Show who will undertake to be guided by the standards and description of the breed as framed by the Irish Red Setter Club. Senior judges shall be required to account for the decisions given at Club events.

15. Competition for all Cups or prizes shall be confined to members in good standing and resident in the island of Ireland.

16. It shall be competent for members, including the Committee, unable to attend any meeting, to record by letter their votes and opinions.

17. The committee shall have the power to add or to alter the foregoing Rules and make new Rules as occasion may require. Such added to, altered or amended Rules shall be observed by members, pending their confirmation at a General Meeting.

18. In the event of the Club being dissolved, all Cups, Trophies, Club Records and property shall be handed over to the Irish Kennel Club, who will act as custodian thereof.

19. The Irish Kennel Club shall be the final court of appeal in matters of dispute and in all cases relative to canine and Club matters.