About the championship

1 – The objective of the European Championship is to provide a competition for
dogs who have distinguished themselves in terms of their game finding ability,
gait, style, stamina, their readiness to receive and retain training and their
potential to breed great field trial and high level hunting dogs.
2 – The Snipe European Championship will be run in couples on snipe. This
competition will be organised according to the FCI general rules and conditions
included in the field trial international rules for the classical pointing breeds,
under licence from the IKC.
3 – The European Championship will be held over 2 days and a CACIT may be
awarded each day.
4 – Dogs will represent the origin country of their owners who must have owned
their dogs for at least 6 months prior to the date on which the competition is held.
Owners may have their dogs presented by handlers from countries other than
their own country.
5 – Participation in the European Championship is open to any Irish Setters who
has a field trial award with:
IKC & FCI Rules
➢ a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Open and confined competitions under KC rules
➢ or a CACT in solo
➢ or for Scandinavian countries 1st, 2nd, or 3rd awards in “Winner’s
6 – Any dog judged to be inadequate in terms of gait or quartering or who have
committed other offences (false setting, refusal to back, barking, chasing etc.) will
be eliminated from the competition.
7 – Derogation : Nations with a low rate of working dogs have the possibility to
entry a maximum of two dogs either if they not fulfil the above mentioned awards
Three possibilities:
0 qualified dog = 2 dogs proposed by the official breed club
1 qualified dog = 1 dog proposed by the official breed club
2 qualified dogs = 0 dogs proposed by the official breed club
8 – Judges will be selected from countries that will award CACIT. In the case of 2
stakes there will be 2 judges selected from 2 different countries and in case of only
one stake there will be 3 judges from 3 different countries.
9 – Points will be granted for each result according to the following schedule:
CACIT | 20 Points | 1 EXC | 12 Points
RCACIT | 18 Points | 2 EXC | 10 Points
CACT | 16 Points | EXC | 8 Points
RCACT | 14 Points | TB | 4 Points

After the 2 days of competition the winner and runner up in the European
Championship will be determined on the basis of individual classification and
associated points. Dogs must have at least been awarded an excellent award. In
the case of a tie, a barrage will be held. Three judges from three different countries
will judge this barrage. The organising country will appoint the senior judge.

10 – Due to the ideal location and the density of wild game the IIRSC has decided
that the European Championship will be held in Ireland. The competition may only
be held in another country with the approval of the majority of the IIRSC at the
meeting of the International Club of the previous year.
11 – Entry Fees for the European Championship will be €20 per dog in 2019 for
organisational costs. This amount may be revised at the annual IIRSC meeting for
the following year.
13 – The Irish Red Setter Club will collect the financial contribution and entry fees
from the other competing countries. The club will also provide secretarial
services, programmes, stewards of the beat and meals. Accommodation and meals
for judges will also be organised by IRSC for the days on which they officiate.
Judges will be provided with bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner on these days.
14 – The organising country will provide cups for the winner and runner up in the
European Cup.
15 – Solo trials will be run in conjunction with the Championship, the dogs will be
run singly and must be under 5 years of age. If they have an award of excellent in
Open or attained a CACT (including RCACT for females) in Solo they are excluded
from the Solo trials regardless of age.

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